Sabar dan terus Berusaha

::medan fikir lebih besar dari medan amal, medan amal lebih besar dari medan jihad, medan jihad lebih besar dari medan muntij, dan medan muntij lebih besar dari medan istiqamah::

-ukhuwwah fillah-

Friday, December 19, 2008


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..Selawat & salam to Nabi Muhammad S.A.W

Juz want to share about friendship

A good friend is :
Always remind us to remember Allah
Not selfish
Always trust us
Always be with us all the time
Always take care of us
Think that our problems are her/his problems too
Leading us to be a better person

~this post is dedicated to one of my friend that i trust very much. sometimes i feel ashamed~only Allah knows why.

i juz wanna say sorry if i am not a good friend. thanks for listening and giving advices on my little problems.