Sabar dan terus Berusaha

::medan fikir lebih besar dari medan amal, medan amal lebih besar dari medan jihad, medan jihad lebih besar dari medan muntij, dan medan muntij lebih besar dari medan istiqamah::

-ukhuwwah fillah-

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

open ur mind widely!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim et Bonjour!

Je voudrais ecrire sur ma vie( i want to write about my life)

Recently, there is a problem that i've faced...but, when i think about that, actually, Allah had planned sumthing better for me (His slave). i should not be upset or regret or sad because of the problem. Allah had stated that we are not 'beriman' untill Allah tests us. frankly, i always pray for Allah so that my 'iman' will always on its position or increase more...but sumtimes when i got problems, i always become sad and do inappropriate things. when i think about that again n again, i realized that it wasn't a good sollution for the problem. the best sollution is to seek Allah guidance by praying, cite the al-Quran and do 'muhasabah' to find out the mistakes that i've done to Allah.and then 'taubat' regretfully. maybe Allah wants us to become close to Him. Allah like His slave who always seek Him all the time no matter how hard the problems that we had to face. How lovely Allah is, when we do sins, and then we 'bertaubat', Allah still accept our 'taubat'. why we are so stubborn and still doing 'maksiat'??? i just want to remind myself and also my friends that Allah always watch what we are doing 24 polite to Allah. and this is not the time to be relax and enjoying the world becoz our life in this world is only for a while (al-Mu'minun:114)and the life after death (akhirat) is the true life! It is already stated in our holy book (al-Quran) that the world is just a place 4 us to find something beneficial for our life in the akhirat. It is all about finding the 'redha Allah'. how can Allah bless us if we still doing sins??? ask yourself...

After so long that i didn't write something in this blog, so i hope that i can share something that can open our mind. remember that this world belongs to Allah. so, as a slave, we must be humbled. as a slave, we must remember that our job is to find Allah's blessing by doing what Allah ask to do and never do what Allah don't want us to do. and we are the khalifahs of Allah in this world. as a khalifah, we must work hard to invite other people in this world to get in islam. islam is the way of life. and Allah had state that muslims are relative. as a muslim, we must get into islam 100%(al-Baqarah:208).so that InsyaAllah other non muslim will attracted to islam. there are many things that we must do and we actually don't have time to hanging around, watching movies, playing computer games and so on. if we not start to seek islam from now on, kapan lagi donk??? maybe there is no tomorrow for us... the death come, be prepared all the time! get Allah's blessing....

hope that i will always remember what i wrote in this blog. sometimes we forget what is the purpose of our living. and hopefully that Allah always remind us by giving us tests. .. hope that our iman is always on its position...remember Allah all the time so that Allah will remember u! InsyaAllah....

Allah is the most lovely~Islam is beautiful!